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site builder 7 day free trial

Site Builder 7-Day Free Trial

Looking to test drive your new website before you commit to it? We’ve got just the thing for you. Spend the next seven days playing around with our Site Builder for free and get a feel for having your own website.

You’ll be able to lay the road map to your website’s design. Besides that, designing your own website will help you find the look and feel you want. That’s something only you can do.

Steps to access the Site Builder 7-day free trial

Follow these steps to access the Site Builder 7-day free trial.

On our Site Builder page, click on the demo button to test create your first website.

The 'build a demo website' button highlighted on the Site Builder page

Choose from the host of templates and themes available. Different templates will suit different website ideas better. Give as many of them a chance to see what will match your style best. Remember, the layout and design will send a message that your text won’t be able to.

If you need

A list of site templates on the Site Builder window

When you’re done designing your website, hit the publish button.

A chosen template from Site Builder with the features and buttons. The publish button is highlighted.

Once you hit publish you’ll be redirected to the shopping cart with your Site Builder Free Trial already inside. We’ll put your website aside for a moment and get your domain name sorted. 

You need a domain name for your website to exist on the internet. If you already have one you can use that domain name. A new domain name will cost a small fee.

Whether you decide to add a new domain or not, you’ll have a chance to review.

Confirming that a domain is available for purchase on the HOSTAFRICA domain checker page
The checkout page after confirming the necessary products (in this case just the Site Builder, which is free)

If you plan to use an existing domain that you own your Review & Checkout page will look like the image above. If you register a new domain that will be added to your total.

For the next step, you’ll have to create an account or log into your Client Area if you already have one. While you’re on our website, click the user account button at the top to bring down the login button.

If you don’t have an account click the button next to it to Register.

The HOSTAFRICA nav bar with the 'Login' dropdown button highlighted

Once you’re in your account you’ll spot your Site-Builder 7-day free trial if you scroll down..

The list of products available in a profile after logging in. Amongst others sits the Site Builder free trial.

Again, it won’t cost you a cent and you’ll have seven days to map out your perfect website. We’ll send you a couple of emails to sign up if you like it. If not, you won’t have to do anything else. The trial will expire after seven days so there’s no commitment.

If you’re unsure where to start, check out this blog that goes into detail about getting started with our Site Builder.

That’s it. Six short steps for a 7-day trial of what could be your future website. They say the best things in life are free, but only for seven days!

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